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What kind of visa should I apply for to study in China?

The Chinese government issues different kinds of visas to foreigners wishing to enter China according to their stated purposes of visit. The visas are marked Chinese phonetic letters of D, Z, X, F, L, G or C; those for foreign students are X or F. Foreigners coming to China to study for a period of 6 months or more should apply for an X-visa. Those studying for less than 6 months may apply for F-visa. The application form should be submitted together with the Admission Notice and the JW201 or 202 Form issued by a Chinese college or university. A physical examination is required for those applying for an X-visa. The F-visa is valid for a stay in China of 3-6 months from your date of entry. Your F-visa can be renewed several times but your total time staying in China should not exceed one year. Students holding X-visa and wishing to leave and re-enter China (including trips to Hong Kong and Macao) during their studies, must apply for a re-entry visa at the Public Security Bureau at least 7 days before you leave.

Are scholarships available for foreign students?

The Chinese government has several scholarship programs for those who wish to study in China. There are several types of scholarships available for foreign students, including the Chinese Government Scholarship, CHINA/UNESCO the Great Wall Fellowship, Distinguished International Students Scholarship, HSK Winner Scholarship, Chinese Cultural Research Fellowship and so on.

Can I work while studying?

According to government regulations in China, international students cannot work during their studies. However, part-time work or internships are sometimes allowed. Jobs teaching English are particularly easy for native English speakers to find.

What is the average level of living expenses?

China is a developing country where you can find both very expensive and cheaper goods depending on your taste. And overall living expenses in China are quite low.

What kind of entry visa do I need to apply for?

Student Visa (X Visa) is issued to applicant who comes to China for study, advanced studies or intern practice for a period of more than six months.

How can we apply for the Student Visa (X Visa)?

Please apply for a Student Visa (X Visa) in the local Chinese embassy/consulate with your Letter of Acceptance, VISA Application For study in China (JW202 Form), and new student guide. You will find the documents in the admission package sent to the address you gave to CIP.

If I get the letter of acceptance only two weeks before the new semester, do I have time to apply for a Student Visa (X Visa)?

If you apply for CIP only within one and a half month before the new semester begins, we will not send the official admission package, which includes the documents required for Student Visa (X Visa) application, to you. You need apply for an Tourist Visa (L Visa) with a valid period of at least 30 days to enter China. (Students from certain country must have Student Visa (X Visa) to study in China, please consult local Chinese embassy/consulate for more information.)

How long can I stay in China with an X Visa or L Visa?

Students with an X visa can stay 30 days in China (from the first day you enter China). Most L visas can assure you to stay in China for 30, 60 or 90 days. Once you report to the University, we will help you to apply for a Resident Permit (Study), RP is a legal residence certificate issued to foreign individuals to study in China by the Ministry of Public Security. It has multiple entries within the period of validity.

Can I come to China without a Visa?

Students from certain countries can come to China without a visa, students from Japan and Singapore can only stay in China for 15 days, but we need about 3 weeks to apply for the Resident Permit (study). So we recommend students apply for an L visa to come to China, and process the residence permit in 30 days.

How long is the period of validity of Resident Permit (Study)?

The first period of validity of the RP for new students would be 1 year. After then, DHU will help you extend it till the end of you schooling in DHU based on your performance and willingness to stay. The expiration date of the RP cannot be later than the expiating date of your passport.

Is the cost of living in China too high?

Although prices in China are rising, the cost of living here is still favorable compared with most developed countries. You will be amazed by how comfortably you can live and how strong your purchasing power is. Compared to developed countries, the cost of living and studying in China is relatively low. Accommodation in Beijing is roughly RMB 2000-3000 yuan per month. An average meal costs around 30-50 yuan. The subway has a flat rate of 2 yuan and buses within the city are even cheaper. Smaller cities and those in China’s central and western regions are particularly inexpensive.

Can I take a part-time job while studying at college?

Tuition fee is generally paid on year basis. According to relevant Chinese laws, international students studying in China are forbidden to be employed, and work-study opportunity is relatively small. So self-financed international students should make the financial preparation before arriving in China.

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