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Is education offered in English by Sweden colleges and universities?

Yes, Most of Sweden universities and colleges offer education in English at Graduate and Undergraduate level. Sweden offer high quality science, technology, humanities and social sciences degrees offered in English language.

Can I work in Sweden as international student?

Yes, students are allowed to work in Sweden. Many students do part time work in Sweden along with their studies. There is no restriction for working hours. Students can work as much hours as they can.

How do I apply to the Swedish Institute?

You can’t. The Swedish Institute is not a university, nor is it affiliated with Swedish institutions of higher education. It is a government agency entrusted with the task of disseminating information about Sweden to the rest of the world. This website is a good example of its work. Moreover, SI administers scholarships to subsidize the living expenses of a limited number of foreign students. Information about the scholarships and application instructions can be found on the scholarship pages.

Does the Swedish Institute offer Swedish courses?

Yes, SI offers summer courses in cooperation with various “folk high schools” in Sweden. These are not beginners’ courses, however; you’ll need to already have studied Swedish for 100 hours or more. There are also courses for language instructors who teach Swedish abroad.

What are my chances of receiving an SI scholarship?

Several hundred scholarships are granted every year, though all scholarships have eligibility restrictions. In total, SI processes around 2,000 applications each year.

Can I apply to several institutions simultaneously and ask each one for a scholarship? Will this jeopardize my chances?

If you are applying to master’s programs, you may apply for an SI scholarship via as many institutions as you want simultaneously, provided the programs you want the scholarship for are in the same general academic discipline. If you are applying for doctoral-level studies or research, you may not apply for an SI scholarship via multiple channels at the same time.

Is there an age limit for applications to Swedish universities or for Swedish Institute scholarships?

No, there are no age-based restrictions.

What is the cost of living in Sweden?

It depends on your lifestyle and your way of spending.

May I work while I am studying?

If you have a residence permit for studying at a university or college, you may work without a work permit providing your residence permit is valid.

How long is a permit valid?

If the study period is a year or less, you will be granted a residence permit for the duration of your studies. If the study period is longer than a year, you will be granted a permit for one year at a time.

How to obtain a police clearance from the Swedish Police Authority?

One has to download a form written out in English or Swedish from the website of the Swedish National Police Board. This filled application form has to be sent to the Swedish National Police Board along with the fee. Once clearance has been sanctioned, the police clearance will be sent through registered mail.

Is emergency medical treatment easily available in Sweden in case one is on a holiday trip?

Yes. The medical treatment is quick and easily available.

Are credit cards accepted?

Most of the Swedish establishments accept credit as well as debit cards. On the other hand, some of the smaller set ups and stalls prefer cash payment.

Can one change one's money very easily?

Yes. Apart from small private exchange agencies, Forex facility is available.

What sort of transport facilities one comes across in Sweden?

Local buses are there and one can also travel by train. Taxis provide much independence and allow you to gain access to remote areas.

What is the currency in Sweden known as?

It is referred to as Swedish Krona.

What is the official language spoken in Sweden?

Swedish is the official language.

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