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How can I apply for Belgium student visa?

Apply for Belgium Student Visa with a college admission letter and funds to stay in the country.

What is the role of VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd.?

VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd. is the preferred outsourced partner to Embassy & Consulate General of Belgium in India. VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd’s Belgium Application Centers function as collection and processing centers for Belgian Visas.

In India who were issuing Belgium visa?

The Embassy of Belgium in New Delhi & The Consulate General of Belgium in Mumbai.

What are the official languages used in Belgium?

Belgium has 3 official languages (French, Dutch and German) but English is the fourth, unofficial language and Belgians are pretty confident of conversing in English.

What about the registration fees to enter the Belgium universities?

The registration fee for Belgium for one year is set at around €800.

What is the procedure to apply for “Visa Type D” or “Belgium Student Visa”?

For study-related stay in Belgium, you have to apply for a temporary residence permit.

What are the documents essential for student visa?

Valid travel document (e.g. national passport), college admission letter, heath certificate and funds

Can I work while I am studying in Belgium?

Foreign students can work during their studies time course in a higher establishment recognized by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and if they have a valid residence permit. If you are a national of a country outside the European Economic Area, a work permit may be necessary.

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